IV International Ukrainian Musyhroom Days

  • On October 20-21, 2021, the IV International Exhibition/Conference Ukrainian Mushroom Days takes place in Kyiv, Ukraine. In the Mercur Kyiv Congress hotel, UMDIS will organise a conference (usually attended by some 400 participants), a gala dinner party (on the 20th) and a trade show, where some 50 national and international exhibitors are expected.

    The preliminary programme of the conference features the following speakers: Maksym Yenchenko (UMDIS), Rafal Nawrocki (Agaris compost - the main sponsor), Bart Minor (Mushroom Council), Steve Lodder (Monterey Mushrooms), Daniel Dajewski (Agro-Projects), Wim van Vugt (Christiaens Group), Roman Stolper (Amycel), Bartosz Jan Skipor-Rybacki (Agaris consultant), Igor Muzyka (Geleka-M Mushroom farm), John Clay (Amycel), Lina Turovska (Highline Mushrooms), Alexander Melnik (Orika Frozen Foods), Nikodem Sakson (consultant).

    On Friday, October 22, after the conference, a trip to Agaris, the largest composting yard of Ukraine will be organized. In the weekend, participants can join farm visits or go on sightseeing tours in the Kyiv region.

    Sponsors include: Agaris, Amycel, Hoving Holland, Dutch Mushroom Projects, Euromycel, Alpie,  Agro-Pojects, Svit Solomy,  Atmo-Control, Wojtek, Elmex, and Mexeo.


    More information on the event website: www.mushroomdays.in.ua/en/




    Kyiv, Ukraine
    10/20/2021 to 10/21/2021

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