Northway seeks quotations

  • Aug 21, 2020

    Northway Mushrooms Cooperative Society in Monaghan, Northern Ireland, are seeking quotations for their 2020/21 Capital Investment Programme from suppliers who are interested in supplying any of the following list of capital items:


    Compost Hoppers

    Combined Substrate Filling Head

    Substrate Transfer Conveyors

    Emptying Conveyors

    Filling & Emptying Winch

    Ruffler and Lifting Platform

    Air Handling Units

    Climate Control Management Systems

    Automatic Irrigation Systems

    Humidification Systems

    Mobile Cooling Units

    DX Cooling Units

    Cold Room Systems

    Rapid Cooling Systems

    Growing Room Doors

    Water Tanks


    Picking Trolleys

    Picking Lorries

    Automated Picking Lorries

    Shelving & Picking Rail Systems

    Automated Harvesting Systems

    Picking Scales

    Product packing systems

    Labelling Systems

    Diesel & Electric Forklift

    Electric & Manual Pallet Trucks

    Picking Scales

    LED lighting

    Solar PV units

    Water Treatment Systems

    Disinfection Systems

    Cook-out Systems


    Please contact Northway Mushroom Cooperative Society Ltd at or call David on 07825 279681 with an expression of interest in quoting for any of the above items. Note that each items has an individual specification which is available from Northway Cooperative Society. Final quotations to be received by COB 05th September 2020.


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