Mushroom Days: already 46 exhibitors

  • Mar 10, 2009

    The organisation of the Dutch Mushroom Days 2009 confirms the participation of 46 mushroom industry suppliers and organisations at the fair coming June. More then 10 Dutch and international companies are still considering participation at this moment (March 10).

    This means that the Mushroom Days can expect at least the same number of exhibitors (58) as in 2006, when the last edition of this event was organised.


    If you wish to participate in the Mushroom Days, please download the subsciption form and send the completed form to:


    Libéma Exhibitions & Events B.V.

    Attn. Mushroom Days 2009

    P.O. Box 403

    5201 AK ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

    Fax : +31 736 293 277


    For more inormation, please contact the event organisation.

    Anoeska Hagenstein – Project Manager –  +31 651 157 897

    Femke Willems – Sales and Customer Service -  +31 620 401 500

    Michael Groen – Communication en PR –  +31 624 893 754


    Here is the list of confirmed participators as of March 10;


    AEM BV

    Officine Alpi S.v.r.L


    Van Boxtel Elektro BV

    BVB Euroveen/Substrates

    Champ Food

    CNC Exotic Mushrooms B.V.

    CNC Grondstoffen BV

    Dalsem Mushroom Projects

    Didak Injection

    Dofra BV

    Dutch Mushroom Equipment

    Dutch Tecsource

    Elektro Limburg

    S.A. Eurosubtrat

    Fancom BV

    Freezitt BV

    Geraedts Constructions B.V.

    Gicom BV

    Hooymans Compost B.V.

    Hoving Holland Int. BV

    J.F. McKenna Ltd.

    PG Kusters BV

    Le Lion

    Lemmen Constructiebedrijf


    Mc Substradis


    Mush. Comb. BV

    Mushroom Business

    Mycelia /Sa CO2

    Johan van Namen/ Methode Techniek

    Rubcoat BV

    N.V. Karel Sterckx

    Sylvan Nederland BV

    Ten Cate


    Van den Top Machinebouw BV

    Topterra Holland BV

    FA Ummels


    Verstappen Verpakkingen BV

    Viscon BV

    Vullings Systemen BV



    Photo: Chinese delegation in its stand at the 2006 Dutch Mushroom Days.

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