• The American Falls, seen from the Canadian side.

      The 20th NAMC in Niagara Falls

      The 20th North American Mushroom Conference was held in Niagara Falls, Canada from May 3-5, 2009. The event featured a lecture program of 13 speakers and a business expo with 28 stands (of which 9 were Dutch).

    • Perfect flats at Peader McGee's farm.

      All Ireland Mushroom Conference

      On Thursday, the 21st of May, the All Ireland Mushroom Conference and Trade Show took place at the Hillgrove Hotel in Monaghan. The trade show represented 32 companies, mainly from Ireland but also some from mainland Europe.

    • Roland van Doremaele of the Christiaens Group talks to a visitor.

      Open dag Cees Donkers

      On Sunday the 17th of May Cees Donkers celebrated the re-opening of his new farm, within a year after a devastating fire ruined his old farm. Many visitors used the occasion to take a look and shake hands with the proud owner.

    • Hajduk from Poland was present at FL 2009.

      Fruit Logistica 2009, Germany

      Despite the different opening days and a substantial increase in exhibition space, visitor attendance figures at this year's Fruit Logistica stayed around the 50,000 mark, whereas last ye

    • Second Chinese Mushroom Days

      The ‘Second Chinese Mushroom Days and Asian Forum on Edible Mushroom Quality Standards and International Trade’ was held at Zhangzhou, Fujian, China, 19-23 November 2008.

    • Jos van den Ponseele of SACO2 looks suspiciously at Peter Kalberer and Prof Jablonski.

      HLP Jahrestagung, Gent Belgium

      On November 5th, the Hessischer Landesfachgruppe Pilzanbau (HLP) held its yearly meeting in Holiday Inn Gent Expo in Gent, Belgium. The HLP is a group of growers and suppliers active in the European exotic mushroom industry.

    • The mining and transportation of the raw material from a nearby peat field.

      Wokas casing soil company, Poland

      In September 2008 Wokas, with it's head office in Losice, opened a brand new state of the art peat processing plant near Bialystok, in the north-east of Poland. Here are some pictures of the company and the new plant.

    • John Buswell, secretary of WSMBMP (l), Dan Royse, President of WSMBMP and Jan Lelley of GAMU, organisers of the Conference.

      6th ICMBMP in Bonn, Germany

      The 6th International Conference on
      Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products was held from September 29th till October 3rd 2008 in the Beethovenhalle in Bonn, Germany.
      Here you can see a photo impression.

    • Lively discussions in the climate corridor.

      BDC/WSMBMP field trip Bonn 2008

      From the 29th of September until the 3rd of October the “Sixth International Conference on Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products” took place in Bonn, Germany.

    • All the prize winners of the "Pieczarkalia 2008" trophies captured in one picture.

      Pieczarkalia 2008 in Losice

      A photo impression of the "Pieczarkalia 2008", a trade fair followed by a festive banquet in the town of Losice, East Poland. The event took place at the 12th of September, 2008.

    • This facility was built for 60.000 bottles a day. There is space for another building.

      HLP Mushroom tour in Korea

      HLP (Hessische Landesfachgruppe Pilzanbau, Germany) organised a study tour to one of the most advanced countries in the world of exotic mushrooms: Korea.

    • Dressed up as mushrooms, why not.

      Polish Mushroom Days Sielinko 2008

      A photo impression of the Polish Mushroom days in Sielinko, May 31 2008 (26 pictures). Photos taken by Szymon Spyra (Spyra) and Jaap Verschoor (Mushroom Business).

    • Chairman Greg on stage during the last seconds of the 17th ISMS Congress.

      17th ISMS: Congress & Trade Fair (photo series)

      From 20 to 24 May 2008, Cape Town was the spectacular venue for the 17th ISMS Congress. The  programme was very varied, ranging from strategic fundamental research to applied and company oriented information.

    • Martmari Van Greuning, Ross Richardson and Roddy Cairns of SAMFA, organised the 17th ISMS. Here they are at the Welcome Cocktail in the Westin Grand Cape Town Arabella Quays, May 20, 2008.

      17th ISMS: social events (photo series)

      A photo impression of the social events at the 2008 ISMS Congress. They featured a welcome cocktail party at The Westin, a Cape Malay street party at Oude Libertas and lunch at Blaauwklippen wine estate.

    • Farm visit Denny's Mushrooms South Africa

      Photo impression of the farm visit to Denny's Mushrooms during the 2008 ISMS conference in Cape Town, South Africa, May 24.

    • Medallion Mushrooms is situated at Blauklippen wine estate near Stellenbosch.

      Farm visit Medallion Mushrooms, SA

      Photo impression of the farm visit to Medallion Mushrooms during the 2008 ISMS conference in Cape Town, South Africa, May 24.

    • Anton Sonnenberg, PRI, lecturing on mushroom substrate.

      Dutch National Mushroom Day 2008

      An impression of the Dutch Mushroom Day, April 24, 2008.

    • 1. In Madisonville, Texas, Monterey has a mushroom farm, a compost yard and a spawn factory of daughter company Amycel.

      Monterey Mushrooms, 2007

      Monterey Mushrooms is the largest producer of fresh mushrooms in the USA. Through marketing channels the company is busy creating its own distinct profile.

    • 1. Participants of the BDC Jahrestagung enjoy a drink and mushroom snacks at the Wauwiler premises.

      Wauwiler Champignons, October 2007

      In October 2007, the German BDC Jahrestagung was held in Nottwil, Switzerland. On the programme was a visit to Wauwiler Champignons AG, one of the major producers in this country.

    • 1.Two semi manufactured casing soils comprise the composition the customer needs.

      At BVB Euroveen, September 2007

      The BVB group, of which BVB Euroveen is part, will celebrate its 100th jubilee in 2008. Casing soil for the mushroom industryhas been produced for fifty years.

    • 1. Conference center in Chuxiong, where IWEMM5 was held.

      IWEMM5 in China, August 2007

      The Fifth International Workshop on Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms (IWEMM5) was held in Chuxiong, Yunnan, China, from 26 to 29th August 2007.

    • 1.View on Kiev.

      Mushroom Industry 2007, Kiev

      June 12-15, 2007, the second International Specialized Exhibition Mushroom Industry was held within the framework of Agro-2007 in the National Complex Expocenter of Ukraine.

    • 1. Mr Adam

      Polish Mushroom Days 2007

      The 13th Mushroom Days took place in Sielinko/Wielichowo on 25-27 May 2007. The theme was ‘Polish mushrooms on Polish tables’.

    • 1. The Donkers brothers at their farm in Boekel.

      Dutch expansion wave

      In the Netherlands, companies that harvest mechanically are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, as stockpiles have been eliminated, demand is rising and there are gaps in the supply chain to be filled.

    • 1. 'Charting the course'.

      The 19th NAMC, San Diego, February 2007.

      The 19th North American Conference was organised February 18-20, 2007 in San Diego, California, U.S.A.

    • 1. Ulrich Groos speaks at the Hessische Pilztage in Venray.

      Hessische Pilztage, November 2006

      The annual ‘Hessische Pilztage’ was held this year in the Dutch province of Limburg. The HLP (Hessische Landesfachgruppe Pilzanbau) is a German association for professional mushroom growers.

    • Verschoor Pilzsubstrat, October 2006

      From Thursday, October 26 to Saturday, October 28, the yearly Jahrestagung des Bundes Deutscher Champignon- und Kulturpilzanbauer (BDC) was held in Magdeburg, Germany.

    • 1. Attentive audience at the conference.

      All Africa Conference, October 2006.

      Over one hundred participants from almost twenty countries attended the First All Africa Scientific Conference on Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms, held at the MakerereUniversity in Kampala, Uganda, from 25 to 29 October 2006.

    • Opening Laura/CCN, September 2006

      On Saturday, September 30, 2006, the shared business location of Laura International and C.C.N. Organic Products B.V., was officially opened in Zuilichem, The Netherlands.


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