Wokas casing soil company, Poland

  • In September 2008 Wokas, with it's head office in Losice, opened a brand new state of the art peat processing plant near Bialystok, in the north-east of Poland. Here are some pictures of the company and the new plant.

    The mining and transportation of the raw material from a nearby peat field.
    The new plant.
    Washing and disinfection of the pallets.
    Finished product at the end of the production line.
    Storage of casing soil.
    Automatic bagging line.
    Loading the casing on trucks.
    Bagging line.
    Storing of raw materials indoor.
    Packing of casing in big bags.
    Storage of raw materials.
    Computer controlled mixing line.
    The inside storage bays.
    Screening impurities from semi finished product.
    Part of plant interior.
    Loading bay for trucks.
    The new Wokas flagship - The new peat processing plant near Bialystok.
    Small peatbog near Losice.
    Peatbog near Losice. The groundwaterlevel is high.
    Tomasz Domagalski, managing director of Wokas casing soil.
    The head office of Wokas in Losice.
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