Wauwiler Champignons, October 2007

  • In October 2007, the German BDC Jahrestagung was held in Nottwil, Switzerland. On the programme was a visit to Wauwiler Champignons AG, one of the major producers in this country. The farm walk ended with a celebration of Wauwilers 20th anniversary jubilee.
    A report on the the farm visit was published in Mushroom Business nr. 25. On the next pages are 11 pictures.

    1. Participants of the BDC Jahrestagung enjoy a drink and mushroom snacks at the Wauwiler premises.
    2. Traditional hornblowers in the new packing hall under construction.
    3. At the Wauwil location of Wauwiler Champignons, a new packing facility and 5 new growing rooms of 560 m2 are under construction. They are flat roofed panel constructions, supplied by Panbo in The Netherlands.
    4. Roland Vonarburg, owner of Wauwiler and chairman of the Association of Swiss Mushroom Producers VSP (middle) talks about his new investments.
    5. The Wauwil site has 8 growing rooms of 293 m2 and 6 of 352 m2. Two flushes are produced in a 4.5 week schedule, variety A15 of Sylvan. The new picking trolley in the picture was developed by Wauwiler in collaboration with Dofra.
    6. Roland Vonarburg explains. In this one room, some of the mushrooms produced are cut.
    7. In the cutting room. In the background, Johan Janssen of spawn company Le Lion.
    8. 1200 tons of mushrooms are produced yearly, mainly fine grades. An amazing range of packaging is prepared at the farm, many customers want their own label.
    9. Wauwiler also trades other mushrooms.
    10. In the cold storage. The produce looks good.
    11. Celebrations of the Wauwiler jubilee in the evening.
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