Polish Mushroom Days Sielinko 2008

  • A photo impression of the Polish Mushroom days in Sielinko, May 31 2008 (26 pictures). Photos taken by Szymon Spyra (Spyra) and Jaap Verschoor (Mushroom Business).

    Dressed up as mushrooms, why not.
    Train of kids makes its way to the Wielichowo Mushroom Festival on June 1.
    Krystian Szudyga at the mini congress (wearing his 17th ISMS insignia).
    Friendly lady at Fungis stand.
    Termster products on display.
    Spyra and Wrona go well together.
    Polish media was present at the 14th Polish Mushroom Days.
    In the Stec booth.
    Polish-Dutch friendship: Tom van Wijk (CNC) is welcomed by Krystian Szudyga (SBGU).
    Mykogen always has a stand in Sielinko.
    Okechamp products on display.
    Crowded Wrona booth.
    Wokas people.
    Biegpol produce at the fair.
    Jaap Verschoor (left) poses with Kate Ahern of Sylvan Ireland in the Sylvan stand.
    Hubert Hay and Eric Vernooji among others at the Amycel booth.
    Kania and WPZ Lemany stands.
    Trade exhibition building.
    Representatives of C point talking to Sebastiaan Hol at the fair.
    Champion stand.
    In the Hajduk stand.
    The Kanmycel girls.
    Kwazar booth at the trade fair grounds.
    Polish motor devils in front, trucks of Kanmycel and Spyra in the back.
    Official opening of the trade fair at Sielinko, May 30 (Chairman Krystian Szudyga of SBGU left).
    The 14th Polish Mushroom Day and Festival were held May 30th - June 1st at Sielinko and Wielichowo.
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