Polish Mushroom Days 2007

  • The 13th Mushroom Days took place in Sielinko/Wielichowo on 25-27 May 2007. The theme was ‘Polish mushrooms on Polish tables’.
    The traditional trade fair was organised at Sielinko and a major promotion event was held at the stadium in Wielichowo on Saturday and Sunday. Numerous consumers and future consumers were informed about the advantages of mushroom products. They could also try various dishes based on mushrooms.
    On Sunday the representatives of the mushroom sector attended a Mass after which they marched in a colourful parade to the stadium. The Trade Days were attended by about 1800 participants from Poland and 14 other European countries, as well as from the USA.
    A full report is published in Mushroom Business 23 and Polish Edition 3.

    44 photos are included in the following series. They were taken by Spyra, Mushroom Business and C point.

    1. Mr Adam
    2. Dr. Krystian Szudyga at the congress, Sielinko.
    3. Audience at the congress.
    4. Wokas stand at the fair in Sielinko.
    5. In the stand of Spyra and Wrona.
    6. Stand of Karol Kania.
    7. In the Sylvan stand.
    8. Johan Hoving (right) visiting the Limax stand with director Tom van Walsem.
    9. Banken Polska stand with Sebastiaan Hol in front and manager Hilde Vandenberghe of Banken Polska second from right.
    10. Fancom discussion.
    11. Viscon Brinkman stand.
    12. Kwazar stand.
    13. Mykogen stand.
    14. Anna Mindt (Agro Investor) (L), Dhierinder Ramcharan (Mushroom Business sales team), Jan Willem Heeze (Nicolon) and Karolina Warszewska (Champion) at the fairgrounds in Sielinko.
    15. Hajduk stand at the fairgrounds.
    16. Fungis stand.
    17. Afirma stand.
    18. Agro-Trade stand.
    19. Awantaz stand.
    20. Champion stand.
    21. Thei Staaks en Mark den Ouden, cultivation advisers of C point (L) and Roel Dreve, editor in chief of Mushroom Business (R).
    22. Fungi-Chem stand.
    23. Grunwald stand on the sunny fairgrounds.
    24. Kingspan stand.
    25. Mushroom assortment at the Nawrot stand.
    26. Norenco stand.
    27. Anna Povetkina (Russian Mushroom Journal) taking a stroll along the Stec stand.
    28. Having fun at the Sad Pak stand.
    29. Stand at the fair.
    30. Ole stand.
    31. WPZ Lemany stand.
    32. At the fairgrounds.
    33. The chairman of the SBGU and the mayor of Wielichowo with baskets of guess what.
    34. Wielichowo festival parade.
    35. Wielichowo festival parade.
    36. Wielichowo festival parade.
    37. Hajduk team at Wielichowo festival.
    38. Alexander Jaworsky, one of the directors of Kanmycel, with his team at the Wielichowo festival.
    39. Cheerleading competition at the Wielichowo festival.
    40. Accordeon performance at the Wielichowo festival.
    41. Singer Basia performed at the Wielichowo festival.
    42. Choir at the festival.
    43. Sponsors of the Wielichowo festival.
    44. Festival grounds before it started raining.
    45. Stand of Inter-Cham
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