Polish Mushroom Days 2006

  • On May 19th-20th 2006, the 12th edition of the Polish Mushroom Days was held in Sielinko. Some 58 companies, mainly from Poland and the Netherlands, participated in the fair. Traditionally, a mushroom festival is organised in nearby Wielichowo. Here are a few impressions from the relaxed and sunny events.

    Pictures taken by Roel Dreve and Piotr Spyra.

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    Opening of the trade fair on May 19th.
    Stands of Spyra and Wrona at the fair.
    Karol Kania stand.
    At the fairground: Christiaens Group and Hajduk.
    Chairman Szudyga of the Growers' Association.
    Horse 2; Phase 2,5.
    Wokas stand.
    Dutch/Belgian chat at the Christiaens stand.
    Walking the walk for Kanmycel.
    Georges Douaire, chairman of the GEPC.
    Stec stand at the fair.
    In the shadow of a compostwall, Awantaz stand.
    Mushroom King & Queen at the festival in Wielichowo.
    Parade at Wielichowo.
    Mushroom kids and parents on the march. After the parade, the train reportedly steamed straight on to flood Western European markets with its cargo. Ok, stupid joke.
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