Pieczarkalia 2010

  • The 2010 edition of the Polish trade show and conference Pieczarkalia took place on the 24th of September. The new packhouse and logistic center of the Polish cooperation Grzybek Losicki hosted the event. It was a very well visited event in a stunning new building, that was designed and constructed by Polish company Champion. Most of the participants came from Poland, but there were also plenty of visitors and traders from other EU countries and from Russia and the Ukrain.

    WPZ Lemany, composter from the north of Poland
    Irwonex, a company that prints on everything.
    Combined stand for Fungichem and Champfood
    The Dutch Fancom is also active in Poland with local agents
    The Mexeo booth
    Karol Kania, one of the biggest compost producing companies in the world
    Dalsem Mushroom Projects, with Leo Douven
    Stec compost from central Poland
    Also in Poland there is more attention for exotic mushrooms
    The Champcorr packing line, a new development by the Dutch company Odemar, drew a lot of attention
    After the trade show the inside of this building will be filled with mushrooms
    Dofra, as always represented by Henk Douven
    The Unikost booth
    Sylvan has activities and plants worldwide
    In this new location there is a lot more space for machinery and tractors
    Mykogen compost
    Bob Holtermans and his Mushcomb associate
    The official opening of the event was carried out by national and local politicians
    Grzybek Losicki, proud owners of this new building
    This mole does not have to dig up all the peat that Wokas produces
    This great new building will pack and put over 500 tonnes of mushrooms per week on transport
    Champion designed and constructed the building for Grzybek Losicki. Nice job!
    The entrance to the venue.
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