Pieczarkalia 2009

  • On September 18 the "Pieczarkalia 2009" mushroom conference and trade show was held in Losice, Poland. The event featured a program with technical lectures for growers and a trade show with 44 stands.

    During the festive dinner party in Siedlce.
    Piotr Spyra wins one of the trophies.
    "Mushroom Business" was also nominated, for "Best edition in the Polish language"!
    "Pieczarkalia" trophies, waiting for their winners.
    Interested audience at the speech of Raymond van Buuren. He tries to get Poland on board for European Mushroom promotion.
    There were a few stands outside the building.
    Bob Holtermans in his Mushcomb stand.
    Unikost, your success is our success.
    Czeslaw Gizinski, Prefect of the district of Losice, at his opening speech.
    From left: Ursula Sztandera (Unikost), Michal Babilas (Sylvan Poland) and Jakub Sztandera.
    Leo Douven, Dalsem Mushroom Projects, Netherlands.
    Mykogen compost.
    Fungi-chem, Polish distributor of Champfood supplement.
    Fungis, a compost company.
    Torfan and Amycel share a stand.
    Polmycel, a Polish spawn company.
    The Wrona stand at the trade show.
    A happy mushroom!
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