Pieczarkalia 2008 in Losice

  • A photo impression of the "Pieczarkalia 2008", a trade fair followed by a festive banquet in the town of Losice, East Poland. The event took place at the 12th of September, 2008.

    All the prize winners of the "Pieczarkalia 2008" trophies captured in one picture.
    Professional dancers warmed up the audience after a good meal.
    The banquet ended with live music and a great party.
    At the evening banquet a prize contest took place for people or companies that have contributed to the success of the Polish mushroom industry. Dr Szudyga is one of the 15 winners.
    Bartosz Skipor-Rybacki (r) in his "agriconsulting" stand.
    The Kanmycel girls always give you a pleasant smile.
    A nice climate unit outside: The temperature was quite low for this time of year...
    Wokas was one of the organising companies of "Pieczarkalia 2008".
    Spyra and Wrona share a stand.
    Dr. Krystian Szudyga in the middle of a lively speech.
    The companies at the trade fair were mainly Polish. This region of Poland has a vital mushroom industry.
    A combined stand with a lot of useful information for growers.
    Happy mushrooms at the Unikost stand.
    Busy trading in the morning hours.
    The opening speech of the trade fair, professionally translated into English.
    The trade fair took place in a school building in Losice, decorated with banners.
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