Paddenstoelendag 2010

  • The 22nd of April saw the 3rd edition of "Dé Nationale Paddenstoelendag", an event for the Dutch mushroom industry organised by Cpoint and ZLTO. It was a well visited event, that focussed on the market situation for Dutch mushrooms. In the recently published "Paddestoelen" and "Mushroom Business" you will find a report on the event that took place in Kerkdriel, the Netherlands.

    Bart van Tuijl from Wageningen University introduces the "mushroomfarm of the future".
    Personal conversation on the main conference floor.
    Ko Hooijmans looks critically at the festively coloured mushrooms.
    The PT introduced colorfull mushrooms: white mushrooms with a bright color, to excite the consumers and to prove that mushrooms do not always have to be white.
    Arjen Daane convinced the audience of the taste of mushroom icecream, proving that mushrooms can be used in a lot of dishes.
    Trudy van Megen (ZLTO) and Cees Oele (DLV Plant/Cpoint) on the right hand side.
    From left: Goos Cardol, Anton van der Vliet, Jorrit Dekkers, Godert Tegelberg, Henk van Dijk, Leo Koolen and Mark den Ouden.
    The audience during the lectures.
    Busy networking in the Mushroom Business booth. From left: Jos Buth, Wout van Lieshout, Johan Baars, Mari
    Grower Jos Heeren asked some sharp questions.
    Ko Hooijmans, chairman of LTO Paddestoelen.
    Godert Tegelberg, director of Lut
    Anton van der Vliet, manager of the Albert Heijn supermarket in nearby Zaltbommel, on the sales of mushrooms in his store.
    The Dutch National Mushroom day was an ideal moment to meet everyone in the industry.
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