Opening mushroom pavilion De Locht

  • On Friday 13 June, the new mushroom pavilion at agricultural museum De Locht in Melderslo, The Netherlands, was officially opened, the kick-off to an ‘open house’ weekend. The pavilion shows visitors a modern slant on the history of mushroom cultivation. Around a hundred guests, including many active and former mushroom growers, sponsors and ‘celebrities’ from the sector, attended the ceremony.

    The stunning new pavilion with the TopTerra casing soil train in the foreground.
    …as well as exotics.
    Agaricus cultivation on display…
    Visitors enter the exhibition hall in the mushroom cap.
    Van der Broeck (left), Huys and the mayor of Horst aan de Maas, Mr Van Rooij during the symbolic mushroom harvesting during the opening ceremony.
    The ‘world’s largest mushroom’, a building in the shape of a cross section through a mushroom on its side, with the cap housing a permanent exhibition and a presentation and reception area in the stalk.
    A visibly proud Wiel Clabbers, chairman of the Mushroom Committee at De Locht receives a present from Patrick van der Broeck, member of the Provincial Executive of the province of Limburg.
    Jan Hulsen, chairman of De Locht, related the lengthy history leading up to the pavilion’s creation.
    Jan Huys (right), who also talked everyone through the programme, welcomes former chairman of CNCJan Pijnenborgh at the entrance to the museum restaurant.
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