NAMC at New Orleans

  • The North American Mushroom Conference was held from the 17th to the 19th of February in New Orleans. It was a successful conference organised by chairman Joe Caldwell, AMI chairman Joe Popiti, Mushrooms Canada president Nick Pora and orchestrated by AMI director Laura Phelps and Sara Manning.

    At the fais-do-do in Bourbon Street, New Orleans.
    At the rich banquet.
    Joe Caldwell and Lory Wolff.
    Joe Popiti, AMI chairman, and hie wife Beth.
    AMI Director Laura Phelps with Greg McClain of Kitchen Pride Mushrooms.
    Dennis C. Zensen and his wife Carol.
    Ken Wong (l) and Joe Caldwell.
    Virgil and Marge Jurgensmeyer.
    Ray Samp at his lecture.
    Paul Stamets during his Memorial presentation.
    Spawn panel: Bill Barber, Monir Elzalaki, John Kidder, Stephen Anania and Scott McIntyre.
    Moving Forward panel: Dr. David Beyer, Jim Rothwell, Artie Needham, Burton Loveday,Clark Smith, Jim Angelucci, Keith Silfee and Ed Leo.
    Lobby at the Waldorf Astoria, Roosevelt hotel.
    Jackson Square, New Orleans.
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