Mushroom Days 2013 (3)

  • Last of the photo series on the Dutch Mushroom Days.

    A lot of participating companies organise farm visits and/or social evenings for their customers and relations. Here, team Topterra takes the bus downtown.
    Very nice stand by Amycel.
    Lambert Spawn shared a stand with Champfood and Fungi-Chem. Eric Vernooij (far left) and Scott McIntyre (far right) strike the pose.
    Talking in the Sterckx compost stand. In the middle with glass is Bart Sterckx.
    Goos Cardol in the ZLTO stand.
    Mr Amycel Europe, Hubert Hay (left) in the Amycel stand.
    At the BVB Substrates stand. Hans Nendels stands at the left.
    Vulllings Systemen.
    Networking at Hooymans Compost. Guys from Consortio - AIF visiting.
    Scrumptious bitterballen (a very Dutch treat) filled with mushrooms, made by Proef!Vers!
    Gicom s Patrick Mahu (in the middle) showing their newcamera system for mushroom growing (see Mushroom Business 58). On the right Wim Vliet.
    Ger Leijsten of Museum De Locht, which will be expanded this year.
    At Hollander Spawn - Italspawn. Hennie van den Einde (Walkro - far left), talking to Robert Janssen (sitting) of Hollander Spawn. Johan Janssen of the same company sits on the far right.
    In the Euromycel Bonduelle stand.
Frédéric Mathieu, director of Euromycel, sitting in the middle.
    Jan-Willem Heezen explaining tunnel nets to visitors in the Ten Cate Nicolon stand.
    Jan Baltussen (left) of Champfood and Lambert Spawn Europa, talking to Mark den Ouden (Mushroom Office) at the fair entrance.
    GTL Europe: the biggest stand at the fair. GTL - founded 1 January 2013 on the foundations of three companies; Thilot, Lemmen and Geraedts - participated for the first time in Den Bosch.
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