Mushroom Days 2013 (2)

  • More pictures of the 33rd edition of the Dutch Mushroom Days in Den Bosch.

    Chairman Piet Lempens of the Dutch Mushroom Days organisation, opens the fair on Wednesday 29 May.
    At the dinner during the Welcome Event on 29 May.
    The winners of the first Ambassador of the Mushroom Industry Award and their wives. From left to the right: Roel Seubring (CCO Mushroom School), Mr. Peter Zandboer (Zilveren Champignon) and Wout van Lieshout (Floriade mushroom activities).
    Dr. Leo van Griensven during his presentation ‘Mushrooms, a Healthy Business’.at the Welcome Event.
    Chinese visitors at the Welcome dinner. Almost 60 made the long flight from China.
    Mushroom Soup, anybody? At the Welcome Event. Jos Amsing (BVB) and the ladies of DLV Plant Mushrooms.
    Jan Berings (Dalsem - left) and Brendan McKenna having a chat in the Dalsem Mushroom Projects stand.
    John Peeters (sitting) in the stand of Global Roel Media B.V. right at the entrance to the fairgrounds. Hundreds of visitors took a free copy of Mushroom Business no. 58.
    Discussion at the Hoving Holland stand. Johan Hoving sits in the middle of the picture.
    Biker guy is impressed with Miss Mushroom - at the entrance to the fair.
    Jos van den Ponseele (SacO2 / Combiness) talking to Gary Schroeder (Oakshire Mushroom Farm) at far right. Rodney Barrett (middle - back) and Magda Verfaillie (Mycelia) - left, can also be seen.
    The MushComb / AEM stand drew a lot of attention.
    Busy chef of Scelta Mushrooms.
    Fancom stand.
    Mr. Mario Chen, Brasil, being presented with his Dutch Tulip bike prize by Mel ORourke, Sylvan Europe Managing Director.
    Guys of Harte Peat from Ireland (left), talking to Dr. Sangam Kurade and his son in the Harte stand.
    Walkro always has a stand at the fair.
    Leonne McVeigh (JFMcKenna) and Patrick McShane (McShane Packaging) at the McShane stand.
    Nutrigain stand. Stuart Whitehall at the table in pink shirt.
    At the Topterra stand, Rodney Barrett was honoured for his 25 year partnership with the casing supplier from The Netherlands. He was one of the first export contacts of Topterra, buying casing soil for the Tunnel Tech companies. He still works with Topterra, besides his international consultancy work and writing articles for Mushroom Business.
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