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  • The editors and sales people of our magazine have a strong expanding network in the industry and visit international conferences, events and companies as much as possible. Highlights in 2007 were trips to Poland, Switzerland, France, and the PMA Fresh Summit in Houston. In 2008, we were present at the ISMS conference in Cape Town, the Polish Mushrooms Days, Dutch Mushroom Day and will be at the WSMBMP event at Bonn, among others.
    We also sponsor international events (like the IMMC) wherever we can, thus contributing to the exchange of information within the industry. Here are just some examples of our presence worldwide, send to us by readers and authors.

    Michael Commodari of Phillips Mushroom Farms with our magazine at the PMA Fresh Summit, October 2007.
    Our stand at the Dutch Mushroom Days 2004 in Den Bosch.
    Dhierinder Ramcharan of our sales team at the 2007 Pieczarkalia in
    Mushroom Business was one of the sponsors of the IMMC 2005 in Port Townsend, USA.
    Matilda Dela Dzomeku, scientist at Mushroom Unit Accra, Ghana with the magazine in 2005.
    Someone in the back row is not paying attention, he's reading Mushroom Business nr. 10. C point course in Brasil, 2005.
    Sponsoring the 6th Mexican Mushroom Conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2004.
    Issue nr. 9 framed in an office in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, 2005.
    Sponsoring the Mushroom Conference in Kiev, Ukrain, 2006.
    Hard at work at the UK Mushroom Industry Conference 2004. Mark den Ouden of C point (r) with Mushroom Business editor in chief Roel Dreve at Warwick HRI.
    Jan Baltussen, director of Champfood, reads Dutch edition Paddestoelen.
    Roel Dreve, editor in chief of Mushroom Business, with Magda Verfaillie of Mycelia at the Welcome Cocktail of the 17th ISMS in Cape Town, May 2008.
    Mr. Liangcheng Chen, Sylvan manager China, quotes from Mushroom Business content in his keynote lecture at the 17th ISMS in Cape Town, May 2008.
    Jaap Verschoor of the Mushroom Business Sales Team in good Kanmycel company at the 14th Polish Mushroom Days in Sielinko, May 2008.
    Les Weijenborg (r), formerly Mushroom Business Sales Team, toasting with representatives at the Mushroom Industry Conference in Kiev, 2007.
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