Leckford Farm, UK, 2006

  • In Mushroom Business nr. 20, theres an article on Leckford Mushrooms in Hampshire, United Kingdom. Here is a report in pictures.

    1. The Leckford Farm is located in a fold of the beautiful Hampshire Downs, in the middle of the John Lewis Partnership
    2. Leckford Farm from the air.
    3. Growing rooms.
    4. Compost filling. Blocks are filled directly from Tunnel Tech
    5. Filling and emptying 5,500/6,000 of SRB (spawn running compost in blocks) every week.
    6. One has to take one's hat off to the production staff..
    7. Compost block.
    8. Compost levelling.
    9. Justin Coleman, mushroom farm manager.
    10. Mike Green, the grower at Leckford Farm.
    11. Watering is given a lot of attention.The farm acquired an automatic watering system when the Blue Prince Mushrooms Woking farm closed down, and this is now used to full effect once the casing is on the beds, and between flushes.
    13. Central corridor.
    14. Packing line. Product is weighed at stations within the central corridor of the farm, and then taken to the pack-house, first going to the high humidity fridge for a period of rapid cooling, then through the packing line and finally into the despatch fridge.
    15. Every week, the farm produces about 20
    16. Over the past few years Waitrose have taken a major interest in all the farming activities at Leckford, and are proud to label the mushroom packs with an emblem proclaiming
    17. Waitrose transport.
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