IWEMM5 in China, August 2007

  • The Fifth International Workshop on Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms (IWEMM5) was held in Chuxiong, Yunnan, China, from 26 to 29th August 2007. A report of this event can be found in Mushroom Business nr. 25. Here is a series of 25 pictures of this colorful event.

    1. Conference center in Chuxiong, where IWEMM5 was held.
    2. Opening ceremony IWEMM5.
    3. More than 400 scientists, technicians, officials, students and traders from over 20 countries attended the conference.
    4. Dr. Yun Wang presented the welcoming speech.
    5. Prof. Zambonelli issued a honorary certification to Ms. Lu of Jiangsu Alphay Biological Technology.
    6. Mr. Jacques Ratier, preparing a boletus course for participants of IWEMM5.
    7. All participants, one photo.
    8. Italian delegates looking at the scientific posters.
    9. At the commercial exhibition.
    10. Mushroom decoration.
    11. Mr. Hong Shi, CEO of Yunnan Lvdiyuan plant co. with truffle wine.
    12. Mr. Shi (China, left), prof. Jesus Perez-Moreno (Mexico) and prof. Lahsen Khabar (Morocco), at the exhibition.
    13. Booth of Chuxiong Honggui Green Food co.
    14. Paintings of prof. Mao Xiaolan on an invitation card.
    15. Prof. Mao Xiaolan (left), a mycologist from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, of whom 146 mushroom artworks were displayed at the exposition. Here, he's talking to prof. Chang Shu Ting.
    16. Prof. Salem Shamekh, Mr. Chen Zhichang, Mr. Kees de Jong and Mr. Liu Ziqiang (l to r).
    17. At the wild mushroom market in Nanhua county. Participants of IWEMM5 could see all the varieties on sale.
    18. Ms. Brunel Nidia holds a big matsutake.
    19. Fresh Chinese truffle for sale.
    20. The wholesale market at Nanhua county. Average asles volume of matsutake and boletus reach 20 tons per day in mushroom season. Prof. Chang Shu Ting can be seen in the middle of the photo.
    21. The entrance to Mt. Qingca-Tang, where lots of wild mushrooms can be collected, especially matsutake.
    22. Matsutake growing in the forests of Nanhua.
    23. Local musicians play for the participants of IWEMM5 at a reception party
    24. Bonfire party in the village of Mi-Hei-Men.
    25. Cheers! The next IWEMM will be held in Chile, in 2009.
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