ISMS 2012 (3): Company Visits 2

  • In the afternoon of the 29th, participants could visit the mushroom market in Yongledian Town and the Mushroom Culture Center at the same spot. After lunch, Beijing Fuqin Edible Mushroom Science & Technology Co. was visited (Flammulina velutipes). In the evening, Tongzhou District offered ISMS participants a cultural dinner at the BICC.

    On the road that devides the Tongzhou Edible Mushroom Demonstration Park, and the Mushroom Culture Center, where a mushroom market was organized for the ISMS visitors.
    The market showcased local mushroom produce and activities, as well as some cooking demonstrations with mushrooms.
    Ad Verkooijen (left), Bert Rademakers (CNC Exotics) and, to the right, Maria LouisaTello Martin (CTICH, Spain), enjoying a mushroom sateh at the market.
    Cooking demonstration in the Mushroom Culture Center.
    Having a rest in the very welcome shade of the Mushroom Culture Center, Douglas Schirripa (Adelaide Mushrooms, Chairman AMGA, Australia), Hans Nendels (BVB Euroveen) and friends.
    Another lovely welcome, this time for lunch, after visiting the Mushroom Culture Center.
    Having lunch; Gé Groenenboom (l), Luc Klunder (r), both from Gicom, The Netherlands and Hennie van den Einde (centre), among others.
    Arrival at Beijing Fu Qin Mushroom Science and Technology Co. , Ltd. In De Hou Village, also in Tongzhou district of Beijing.
    Fu Qin produces 20-25 tons of enokitake mushroom per day, 7000 tons per year.
    The bottle production capacity of the factory ranks first in Beijing.
    Enokitake. On display at a growing room. “18 days after mycelium stimulation”. Enokitake are cultivars of Flammulina velutipes.
    Packing hall for the enokitake.
    Enokitake “26 days after mycelium stimulation”.
    Participants of C4C joined a table with POVLT, Global Roel Media and Mushroom Office.
    Beautiful traditional dance was part of the programme.
    Dinner at the VIP table during the cultural evening.
    Tongzhou district offered a cultural evening at the BICC for participants of ISMS 2012 on the 29th. Here, a group with traditional Chinese instruments.
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