ISMS 2012 (1): Congress

  • In August 2012, the 18th Congress of the ISMS was held in Beijing. We have four photo series for you. The first one shows the Opening Ceremony, and impressions from the scientific conference, as well as some tourist pictures.

    At night, the big convention hall of the BICC was transformed for evening diner.
    A new component in the congress was the competition on the young researcher’s award. Eleven students from different countries competed with each other by giving a short presentation on their research.  Here we see winner Ms Yang Cao with Greg Seymour during the award ceremony. The jury was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding level of the research and presentations.
    Most people will recognize her silhouette. Well respected scientist, specialist on Trichoderma and Virus X, Helen Grogan (Teagasc, Ireland), during a lecture of the Pests and disease session.
    Peter Oei (Spore) lecturing on the recycling of casing soil.
    Dan Royse (Penn State University) and Gerardo Mata Montes de Oca of Instituto de Ecología (r), chairing a spawn making lecture session.
    Audience during one of the (hot!) sessions. Veteran mushroom scientist Dr. Krystian Szudyga (Poland) front row middle. He visited China already in the sixties, when the Chinese drove bikes instead of VW’s.
    Mark den Ouden during his lecture on hygiene.
    Anton Sonnenberg (Wageningen University, The Netherlands) during his keynote lecture ‘Breeding for the future’.
    A record amount of participants!
    Cutting ribbons at the Ceremony.
    Dr. Mark Wach and Prof. Shu-ting Chang chairing the first key note lectures.
    Greg Seymour, President of ISMS, on stage during the Opening Ceremony.
    Dr. Huajun Tang,  Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Chairman of the 18th ISMSC Organizing Committee, welcomes participants to the Congress on August 27th.
    The 18th Congress has begun. In total, 178 presentations (including the students contest) were given and 69 posters were shown.
    Registration desk of the Congress: 1132 participants had to register.
    The venue of the 18th ISMS Congress: the Beijing International Convention Center, near the Olympic Park. Most participants stayed at the two hotels next door.
    A World Heritage Site if ever there was one: The Great Wall of China! We visited Jinshanling section, located in the mountainous area in Luanping County, 125 km northeast of Beijing. From left to right: Roel van de Heyning and Jos Van de Ponseele (SacO2), Magda Verfaillie (Mycelia), Mark den Ouden (Mushroom Office), Roel Dreve (Global Roel Media) and Martin van de Vorle (Mushroom & Substrate Consultancy).
    Many Congress participants took the chance to visit the major highlights of the Chinese Capital. We certainly did so. Here the famous Forbidden City.
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