Innovative farm Baron

  • Since last summer, the new innovative mushroom farm of Bertus Baron, built by Limbraco, is operational. It is a truly unique farm, and you can read a full size story in the forthcoming edition of Mushroom Business.

    The punnets from the growing houses are sorted on this conveyor system.
    Inside the coldstore the punnets can be stored automatically, based on grade, origin and punnet size.
    Punnets with mushrooms are leaving the growing house.
    The climate installation on top of the growing houses.
    The growing houses where harvesting takes place are very spacious.
    The bridge.
    The filing takes place with a normal filling machine.
    The nets are pulled from one side of the farm to the other.
    Here the nets, after 2 weeks of preparation and pinning, are moved from the preparation growing houses to the houses where the actual harvesting is done in a one layer system.
    The preparation-growing takes place in these houses with 10 rows of shelves, 4 high.
    Bertus Baron (l) and Matt Derkx, Limbraco.
    At first sight the farm looks very normal.
    The filling of the first stage, with a conventional Thilot head end filling machine.
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