HLP Mushroom tour in Korea

  • HLP (Hessische Landesfachgruppe Pilzanbau, Germany) organised a study tour to one of the most advanced countries in the world of exotic mushrooms: Korea. The main mushroom in Korea is Oyster, followed by Enoki, King Oyster, Shiitake and other specialties. Many mushrooms are cultivated in plastic bottles.

    The tour attracted more then 20 participants from six European countries and was organised by Ulrich Groos.

    Here you can see a photo impression of the tour, and in the next edition of Mushroom Business (30) you will find an extensive report of the trip by Peter Oei. At the same time the report will also be published in Dutch in Paddestoelen nr 4.

    This facility was built for 60.000 bottles a day. There is space for another building.
    Compost production at Il Hsin mushroom farm.
    The caterpillars can still be recognized in the bottle; The mycelium has spread and is now in the fruiting phase.
    The caterpillar fungus Cordyceps Japonica.
    King Oyster mushroom farmer.
    King Oyster mushrooms with climate control.
    Bottles are placed automatically on platforms which are pulled into an autoclave by a winch.
    Automatic placement of bottles in a substrate production unit for 60.000 bottles a day, designed by Idea Bank.
    Special soaking tanks for shiitake blocks at Dae Hung.
    Shiitake on rotating paternoster shelves at Dae Hung.
    The crates with enoki are transported to a central harvesting and packing facility at the worlds' largest enoki farm Dae Hung.
    Harvesting King Oyster at the pilot farm Mush Line of Idea Bank: notice the rotating shelves.
    Dutch grower Peter de Rijk with King Oyster at Honey Mush.
    Harvesting King Oyster at Mushheart.
    Mushhearts philosophy is to cut away pins and leave only two mushrooms per bottle. The big mushrooms are popular on the Korean market.
    A robot stacks the bottles on a cart after filling and capping. Next stop: sterilisation.
    The medicinal mushroom Phellinus baumii.
    Christian Schmaus of Mycovital and Torsten Jonas of Pilzgarten with Maitake at the experimenting station.
    Maiitake at the experimenting station in Gyenggido.
    Different types of mushroom on display in the Shinsegae department store in Seoul.
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