HLP annual meeting

  • The annual meeting of the Hessische Landesfachgruppe Pilzanbau (HLP) was held on 3 and 4 November in Zaltbommel and Milsbeek, The Netherlands.

    Around 100 participants met at the Regardz hotel in Zaltbommel for a series of lectures. Next day, the group visited CNC Exotic Mushrooms and CNC Grondstoffen in Milsbeek.

    A full report has been published in Mushroom Business nr. 38.

    Loading station of TB6 in Milsbeek.
    Hoving Holland hardware in TB6 of CNC.
    Hoving Holland filling equipment in the background.
    At the filling side of the compost tunnels in giant TB6.
    Eberhard Peters of Der Champignon takes a picture in TB6. Kalberer, De Rijk, Schmaus, Rademakers and others listen to Tom van Wijk on the tour.
    Visitors in TB6.
    Dark clouds loom above TB6 (tunnel company 6) in Milsbeek.
    Speakers at the second HLP day, at CNC Grondstoffen in Milsbeek. Organiser Ulrich Groos (l), and Tom van Wijk, director of CNC Grondstoffen (4th from right), among others.
    'Exotic' mushrooms at Maarten's farm, on substrate of CNC Exotic Mushrooms.
    Incubation room with all sorts of varieties at CNC Exotic Mushrooms.
    CNC Exotic Mushrooms, a subsidary of CNC Grondstoffen, is one of Europe's largest substrate producers for exotic mushrooms.
    Bert Rademakers answers questions by the visitors at his company.
    The guys of the Rademakers family in Hedel. Bert (r) own CNC Exotic Mushrooms. Maarten, left of his father, owns an exotic mushrooms farm across the street.
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