Hessische Pilztage, November 2006

  • The annual ‘Hessische Pilztage’ was held this year in the Dutch province of Limburg. The HLP (Hessische Landesfachgruppe Pilzanbau) is a German association for professional mushroom growers. Growers of lignivorous mushrooms in particular are members . Each year, the driving force behind the HLP, Ulrich Groos, chooses an interesting location and activity, and this year his eye was caught by Substraatbedrijf Horst, producers of substrates for lignivorous mushrooms, and John Verbruggens company, where these substrates are prepared.

    A report on the Hessische Pilztage by Magda Verfaillie was published in Mushroom Business nr. 20. Here is the complete photo series.

    1. Ulrich Groos speaks at the Hessische Pilztage in Venray.
    2. The lecturers (Koopmans, Kynast, Hesen, Verbruggen, Desrumeaux, left to right) are presented with a bottle of wine by Ulrich Groos.
    3. The company of John Verbruggen in Erp, with straw piles on the right. Chopping, supplementing and pre-fermenting is done here, before the selective compost is taken to Substraatbedrijf Horst for pasteurisation, inoculation and incubation.
    4. Jan Koopmans of Substraatbedrijf Horst (red coat) explains the pre-fermenting at Verbruggen.
    5. Daily turning of straw piles at Verbruggen with a machine for kitchen and garden compost.
    6. Since recently, Verbruggen has started to successfully grow the new sporeless oyster mushrooms. This variety was developped by Applied Plant Research in the Netherlands and is marketed under licence by Sylvan Nederland. See Mushrooom Business nr. 1, and nr. 20.
    7. Pink oyster mushrooms in the growing rooms of Verbruggen.
    8. Cutting and packaging grey oyster mushrooms at Verbruggen.
    9. Jan Koopmans of Substraatbedrijf Horst and his Jos
    10. Straw packages ready for transport.
    11. Incubation of straw blocks at Koopmans (Substraatbedrijf Horst). Phase I and II arre carried out separately and an extremely high level of hygiene is observed during inoculation. The rectangular blocks are preferably incubated in situ in well climatised rooms, and transported on shelves to buyers at home and abroad.
    12. Dutch-Czech talks. Edwin Blaak (l) and Ivan Jablonsky (r).
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