Fruit Logistica, February 2006

  • In Mushroom Business nr. 15, we reported on the international trade fair Fruit Logistica, which was held from 2-4 February in Berlin. Here you find some extra pictures from the event.

    Much more on Fruit Logistica 2006 in the February issue of Mushroom Business and Vakblad Paddestoelen.

    Jos Reijnen, co-owner of Ok
    Frisch und fertig!, a new product by Ok
    Chinese trading company Brilliant Century Agriculture Developing
    Johan Verburg of Fresh Mushroom Europe (FME) from Meer, Belgium shows a new mushroom snack; stuffed mushrooms.
    The stuffed mushrooms by FME can be heated in its packaging in the microwave oven.
    Ireneusz Nawrot explained that his mushroom company will expand its range with organically grown fruit and vegetables this year. These  will mainly be grown in East Poland using organic methods.
    Packaged dried wild mushrooms in the stand of family run company IGDA from Belgrade, Serbia. To complement the existing assortment of dried and frozen wild mushrooms the firm started trading in truffles this year.
    The team of Banken Champignons in their booth at Fruit Logistica. Photo: Pieter Boekhout/AGF.
    Fei Zou of China-agro Chunyu Hi-tech Company.
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