Floriade 2012

  • In Holland the world horticultural expo Floriade is taking place all summer long. Mushrooms are just a minor showcase item in Venlo, but if you look good, you will find them. Alongside the most colorful show on earth! In our next edition of Mushroom Business you will find an article on Floriade 2012 in Venlo.

    Mushroom recycling!
    The Floriade World Show Stage.
    South Korean pavillion.
    A Dutch cow in the bushes?
    Villa Flora is all about flowers.
    Flowerbulb ballet.
    If you like gardens, this is the place to be.
    Switzerland? Wrong! The Netherlands!
    Exposition of the Dutch Willowman.
    Chef Peter Zandboer is cooking mushrooms.
    The Mushroom Promotion Foundation is giving everybody a taste of mushrooms.
    Mushroom seats.
    Frans Brienen, former chairman of CNC, wants to let the world know what mushrooms are all about.
    Cooking for kids: Kokkerelli by Scelta Mushrooms.
    R2D2 has landed on the Mushroom Planet.
    Mariëlle van Lieshout, Dutch mushroom grower.
    Huis van de Smaak or House of Flavour, in which the Mushroom Promotion Foundation is doing a good job.
    The BVB Euroveen pavillion.
    Originally, the Floriade would not serve chips. The organisation changed that, and now the chips kiosk is busy.
    Overview, with the Innovatoren in the background.
    Rabobank Earth Walk: a movie under your feet. Great experience.
    A lot of countries try to promote themselves.
    These boots are made for walking!
    The ticket counters at the entrance.
    The Floriade in Venlo is a world expo.
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