Farm visit Denny's Mushrooms South Africa

  • Photo impression of the farm visit to Denny's Mushrooms during the 2008 ISMS conference in Cape Town, South Africa, May 24.

    Some of the Denny products.
    Visitors admire the product range (Roland van Doremaele at the right).
    Packers at Denny Phesantekraal.
    Packing line.
    Harvesting chestnuts.
    Denny produce.
    All the mushrooms are harvested by some eighty pickers in three flushes.
    Visitors in a growing room.
    Dutch shelving system.
    Check out the growing rooms in next pictures.
    The variety grown is Sylvan A15 for white mushrooms and 81B for chestnut mushrooms. Immediately during inoculation a supplement is also added.
    Water cooling.
    Sixteen days after inoculation the rooms are, at the moment, cased with Topterra casing soil.
    Growing sheds. Production on this location is about 70 tons of mushrooms per week.
    Normally speaking 2520 m2 is filled per week, but if the market demand is higher this figure can rise to 3150 m2.
    Entering a tunnel.
    After phase 1 the compost is filled in a filling cassette in the phase II tunnels. After six days the compost is filled as spawnable compost in the growing rooms.
    Roddy Cairns talking to a group with Martmari Van Greuning, Douglas Schirripa, Alexander Khrenov and others.
    Thed Vestjens, from Dutch compost company Walkro in discussion with other visitors.
    Compost hopper.
    Eric Vernooij (Amycel) shooting straw.
    The farm manager explains.
    The usual raw materials are used to make the compost. Horse manure is not available, so synthetic compost is made. As well as chicken manure, ammonium sulphate and urea are used as nitrogen sources. A long schedule of in total 27 days is used for composting, including wetting the straw.
    The location covers the entire chain from phase I compost to packaging fresh mushrooms and preserving mushrooms.
    Walking towards the compost yard.
    Roddy Cairns, manager of Denny Mushrooms, welcomes the international guests to the Phesantekraal location.
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