Extension Amycel France

  • Amycel France held an Open Day for relations from the Dutch mushroom industry in Vendôme on 19 June, just before production would start in the new extension of the French spawn plant.

    The group of (mainly Dutch) guests raise their glasses before lunch. The day after, guests from other European countries visited the plant.
    Packing the Amycel products.
    In one of the incubation rooms.
    Bags of Heirloom spawn in one of the three incubation rooms. The Heirloom variety is one of the most popular products of Amycel at the moment.
    Hubert Hay, director of Amycel France and Dan Karmelita (Amycel Poland) show visitors some spawn products.
    The newly designed stainless steel vessel in the cooking tower provides the spawn producer with more capacity and more flexibility. Within the space of the tower, yet another vessel could be installed in the future.
    Before new grain is pumped into the silo, the delivery is checked.
    CI and grainless spawn are produced in a separate facility at the plant. Onyxx HPS, a grainless, high performance spawn, is produced here.
    Researcher Cecile Ogier explained the ins and outs of the extensive tests during every stage of spawn production at the plant, in the Vendôme lab.
    Guests were given a guided tour in two groups through the Amycel plant at Boulevard de l’Industrie. The extension of the spawn plant, worth 1.6 million euro, consists of extra space built just besides the existing cooking tower (behind the grain silos), with an all newly designed stainless steel 3000 litres vessel (there are two 2000 litres vessels in the ‘old’ tower).
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