Dutch National Mushroom Day

  • The fourth National Mushroom Day in the Netherlands took place at ’t Voske mushroom farm in Uden on 22 November. A report of this event can be found in Mushroom Business nr 56, Paddestoelen 6 and  Wydanie Polskie 24 (December 2012).

    A bucket with goodies of Mushroom Day sponsors for everyone.
    At the buffet.
    Erik Polman of C point / DLV, responsible for the practical organization of the event (l) talking to Peter van Heumen.
    The crown jewel on the farm, the SMC combustor installation. Photo: TBM Crone
    A&S presentation.
    Funghitec presentation during the farm tour.
    Start of the farm tour.
    The 4th National Mushroom Day was very well attended.
    Verhagen receives the first mushroom burger.
    Verhagen receives a mushroom present from Ko Hooijmans, chairman of the Mushroom Group of the ZLTO.
    Jorrit Dekkers from the main sponsor Rabobank on stage. ‘No successful innovation without healthy funding’.
    Jan Gielen of C point during his lecture on climate neutral mushroom production.
    Verhagen during his lecture; “Fair Produce helps sift out the rotten operators who spoil it for the rest. The initiative of the sector to deal with this itself is highly laudable.”
    Official opening of the National Mushroom Day with orange balloons.
    The presence of the former Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Maxime Verhagen, hampered by a foot injury, was very much appreciated.
    The farm of Arjan Heeren produces very nice brown mushrooms.
    The venue was where the event truly belongs; on a farm. Actually one of the most modern in the world.
    The location and the programme perfectly reflected the theme of this edition: innovation and sustainability in mushroom growing.
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