Dutch Mushroomdays 2009

  • An impression of the succesfull Dutch Mushroomdays at the Brabanthallen in 's Hertogenbosch.

    Sietse Ten Hoeve, CNC, explains during the Cpoint farmwalk.
    At the Van den Top stand
    Van Boxtel Electro, dealer of Trucoz systems.
    The combined stand of Thilot and Limbraco.
    Alexander Khrenov and Thei Staaks.
    Jo Rutjens and Johan Baars, PRI Wageningen.
    The Panbo stand.
    View from a bridge.
    Mr. Rajabi, Ravaneh Mushrooms, Iran.
    There's no business like Mushroombusiness!
    Lively discussions were very common at the fair.
    JF McKenna.
    Something must be very interesting!
    At the Hooijmans stand you could have your cartoon drawn up.
    Herman Ummels talks to a customer.
    The Gicom team.
    Paul Geraedts explains.
    The picking robot at the Methore stand was still under development.
    A nice gadget to move mushrooms around, by Johan van Namen.
    Automated picking at the Van den Top stand.
    How to hold a mushroom gently!
    The Dutch Tech Source stand.
    The Dalsem Mushroom Projects stand.
    Jan Pijnenborg and Frans Brienen, former and current chairman of CNC.
    At the Champfood stand.
    Catering at the fair.
    Impressive filling cassette by Christiaens.
    At the Amycel stand.
    Jan Mulder, Europarlementarian, during his speech at the opening of the Mushroomdays.
    Piet Lempens, chairman of the organising comittee, during the welcome happening.
    The entrance of the Mushroomdays at the Brabanthallen.
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