Dutch Mushroom Days

  • The 32nd edition of the Mushroom Days was a great success. For three days (May 25-27), Den Bosch was the center of the international mushroom industry.

    Photos: Marcel Vingerling (Diseno), Roel Dreve and John Peeters (GRM) and Mark van Dijk (Mark van Dijk Fotografie).

    Read the news article on this event here.


    Dinner Party in the Organgerie, Den Bosch, May 26, 2011.
    Greg Seymour relaxing in the bus.
    Topterra customers in front of their bus.
    Wageningen University, team mushrooms.
    Lounging at the Walkro stand.
    Verstappen Verpakkingen.
    Van den Top.
    Topterra Holland.
    Thilot and Limbraco in one stand.
    Thermo Refrigeration and Sermatec together in one booth.
    Coffee at The Greenery stand.
    Mel O'Rourke (l), Theo Lauwers (r) with Henk van Gerwen (AdVisie) at the Sylvan stand.
    Sterckx composting from Belgium. Patrick Delva (Sales) on the right.
    At the Ribbstyle stand.
    Panbo Systems.
    Officini Alpi from Italy.
    Mycelia and SacO2.
    Inside the Champcorr.
    MushComb sells the Champcorr.
    Dick Roodhuyzen de Vries, the new frontman of the Mushroom Promotion Foundation.
    Femke of the MPF.
    Mertens stand.
    Italspawn, for the first time with Hollander Spawn in one stand at the fair in Den Bosch. Standing on the right, Giorgio of Consortio di Treviso (Italy).
    Hooymans compost.
    Havens / MCSubstradd.
    Havens / MCSubstradd.
    Harte Peat.
    John Peeters (l) and Roel Dreve of Global Roel Media.
    Jos Buth and Thei Staaks (MAN) (l), Roel Dreve (m), John Peeters and Mark den Ouden at the Global Roel Media stand.
    Food Technology Noord Oost Nederland.
    Fancom stand.
    Elektro Limburg.
    Ecomation team.
    Lei Douven (l) and Jan Berings of Dalsem Mushroom Projects.
    Cofely Refrigeration.
    Coenegrachts Compost from Belgium.
    CNC Grondstoffen, Lut
    A mushroom at the Lut
    Pom pom blanc and shii-take at the stand of CNC Exotics.
    Cooling and heating system in the shelves by Christiaens Group.
    Christiaens stand.
    Champion from Poland.
    Jan Baltussen (r) and David Austin (Harte Peat)(m) in the Champfood stand.
    C point stand.
    BVB Substrates.
    Banken Champignons, always present at the Mushroom Days.
    Agro Centrale.
    At the fairgrounds.
    Anna Krol (CNC).
    Wiel Clabbers.
    Welcome Event catering.
    Jac Nijssen (l), Champfood, and Roland van Doremaele, Christiaens Group. Amycel sales team in the back.
    Frans Brienen & Partner (l) and Luc Goedhart (ZLTO).
    Doug Schirripa from Australia (l) and Rodney Barrett from England.
    Greg Seymour, during his presentation in the crowd.
    Piet Lempens, chairman of the Mushroom Days organisation.
    The Brabanthallen, the venue for the Dutch Mushroom Days 2011.
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