Dutch expansion wave

  • In the Netherlands, companies that harvest mechanically are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, as stockpiles have been eliminated, demand is rising and there are gaps in the supply chain to be filled. This has lead to a wave of expansion in 2007 of projects that had been put on hold. In Mushroom Business 24, three cutting companies revealed their building plans, expectations and anxieties. Here, you can find a series of 20 photos taken at Donkers farm, Bercvenne and Jos Cox.

    1. The Donkers brothers at their farm in Boekel.
    2. Main hall at Donkers farm.
    3. New growing rooms at Donkers farm.
    4. Donkers farm works to a 6 week schedule in 6 rooms with three flushes (Sylvan 512), and to a 4 week schedule in 4 rooms with two flushes (Amycel 2200).
    5. White buttons on the beds at Donkers farm.
    6. Logistics at Donkers farm.
    7. Logistics at Donkers farm.
    8. Ies Hooglugt, grower at Bercvenne in Lierop.
    9. Five new growing rooms at Bercvenne on the right are exact copies of the older five on the left. The size is also the same (1276 m2).
    10. At Bercvenne farm.
    11. Main hall at Bercvenne. New growing rooms on the right.
    12. New growing rooms on the left, 'old' ones on the right.
    13. Jos Cox.
    14. The new Cox farm in Broekhuizen: 8 growing rooms of 1382 m2 each.
    15. Each growing room is 5.40 m high, with 8 beds.
    16. Big hall, seen from the loading platform.
    17. Work in progress in the main hall.
    18. All in one Christiaens control unit.
    19. Ketelhuis (unfinished).
    20. Christiaens Group: 56.000 new Dutch growing surface build in little over one year.
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