Chinese Mushroom Days - November 2015

  • The 9th edition of the Chinese Mushrooms Days was organised from 14 to 17 November 2015 in the Wanda Realm hotel in Zhangzhou, Fujian. Bigger and with a more international signature than ever before. The event is now considered the key annual meeting for the mushroom industry in Asia. Visitor numbers reflected this significance with some 1200 visitors from more than 20 countries, including a large Dutch delegation. The extensive programme offered a series of interesting lectures and workshops for professionals in virtually all edible mushroom segments. A report can be found in Mushroom Business no 74.

    1. At the Registration desk, some of the many volunteers that make the Days happen. Douglas Zhao of the organisation stands to the right.
    2. Christine Smith of Lambert Spawn, chairing the Agaricus bisporus Workshop organised by Lambert for Chinese growers, prior to the conference programme proper.
    3. Questions from the audience at the Lambert Workshop.
    4. Mathieu Geurts from casing soil producer BVB Euroveen, gave a lecture on the selection and preparation of ‘the perfect casing’.
    5. Consultant Ray Samp gave a couple of good lectures on composting.
    6. At the trade fair parallel to the conference at the Wanda hotel, a trade fair was organised. Here the team of Zhicheng Lighting is portrayed in their stand.
    7. Prof S.T. Chang visits the stand of GTM (Zhejiang Hongye Equipment Technology Co.Ltd. at the fair outside the Wanda hotel. GTM is a leading manufacturer of machinery for the mushroom industry.
    8. Fancom team in their stand at the fair. To the left, sales manager Asia Peter Marcelissen.
    9. GTL Engineering stand.
    10. Kingfit team at the Chinese Mushroom Days.
    11. Opening of the conference. Second from right is Greg Seymour, President of ISMS.
    12. Marc Wach from Sylvan America gave an interesting lecture on the development of mushroom varieties in China since Agaricus bisporus was introduced there in the 1920s.
    13. Kingfit was one of the sponsors of the Chinese Mushroom Days and organised a big dinner and discussion with Chinese experts at the Wanda hotel. The young director of the company is on the right.
    14. Mart Christiaens, director of Christiaens Group from The Netherlands, speaking during the panel discussion with industry experts, chaired by Mr Liu.
    15. Group photo taken during the farm walk on 17 November at Fujian Jiatian Agricultural Development, a huge erengyii farm near Zhangzhou.
    16. King Oyster with blue lights at Jiatian.
    17. Nice Erengyii.
    18. Fujian Jinming Foodstuff, an Agaricus farm built in 2012 was also visited.
    19. Filling machinery at Jinming.
    20. The grower in one of the phase II tunnels.
    21. The phase I bunkers in the back, straw in the front.
    22. During lunch.
    23. The Tulou rammed-earth buildings, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
    24. Enoki at the gigantic Fujian Wanchen Biotechnology farm, that was visited in the evening.
    25. Bert Rademarkers takes a picture in one of the long corridors of Wanchen.
    26. Roel Dreve, publisher of Mushroom Business, during a diner organised by GTM, surrounded by friends from CFNA and GTM.
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