Chinese Mushroom Days 2013

  • The 7th edition of the Chinese Mushroom Days took place from 19 to 22 November in the Wanda Realm Hotel in Zhangzhou. A striking amount of attention was devoted to the emergent Agaricus growing sector in China. Some 500 participants enjoyed an informative congress, a well organised trade fair and a spectacular welcome banquet. Look for the full report and more photos in Mushroom Business 62.

    Sylvan Vice President and director of research Mark Wach spoke on supplements and new biopesticides for the mushroom industry.
    Christiaens Group team at the fair. Director Mart Christiaens also lectured at the conference.
    Prof Guo-Liang Yang of the Centre of Biotechnology, Hebei University gave an overview of the industrialization of button mushroom cultivation in China.
    Fancom was one of the few ‘western’ companies at the fair.
    Mr Lang-Qiu Hu (Hejun Consulting) lectured at the Management and Marketing symposium.
    Monir Elzalak, president of Sylvan Inc.sketched the history of spawnmaking and the role of his company.
    A view on part of the fairgrounds outside the hotel lobby.
    At the Opening Ceremony.
    Prof. Yu Li during his speech.
    The welcome banquet coincided with the 30th anniversary of the Fujian Longhai Jiuhu Edible Fungi Research Institute, a leading company in the region. As well as the extensive dinner the guests were entertained with a full programme of professional dancers, musicians, and acrobats.
    Bob Taylor from Monterey/Amycel presented a mini-symposium with Shelly Cotta on November 19th, before the conference proper; ‘Modern Techniques for Button Mushroom Cultivation’.
    Around 50 suppliers to the industry set up their stands in and around the hotel. Mostly Asian companies, constructing and supplying for the non-Agaricus mushroom cultivation.
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