• From 15 to 18 November, the tenth successive edition of the Chinese Mushroom Days was held in the Wanda Realm hotel in Zhangzhou, Fujian. With some 2000 participants and around 90 stands, the Mushroom Days once again confirmed its position as the key industry event in Asia. The conference and trade fair were preceded by an Agaricus workshop on the 14th, organised by Lambert Spawn. The conference programme offered many interesting lectures and a visit to Tongfa Group. A report on this visit can be expected in the February edition of Mushroom Business. In MB80, you can find many pages and pictures on the Chinese Mushroom Days. Here are some more.

    01 Traditional dance at the Welcome Banquet of the Chinese Mushroom Days 2016.
    02 Mathieu Geurts of BVB Euroveen gives a presentation on casing at the Lambert Workshop.
    03 The lecture of Léon Dumoulin (Dalsem Mushroom Projects) was illustrated by multiple choice quiz questions for the audience.
    04 Questions from the audience.
    05 Ltr: Mr Liu (CFNA), Mathieu Geurts, Rene Teuben (Hoving Holland), Léon Dumoulin, June Li (Lambert), Christine Smith (Lambert), Geoff Martin (Mushroom Composters), Eric Vernooij (Champfood) and the Chinese translator.
    06 The Welcome Banquet, sponsored by China Grenfresh Group, featured many colourful song and dance performances.
    07 Mr Liu toasting with some of the many Dutch guests. Alexander Khrenov, also speaker at the conference, in the back.
    08 -
    09 At one of the VIP dinners, with representatives of Alphay, Sylvan, Yuguan, Third Food Kingdom, Mushroom Business, Hoving and GTL.
    10 Greg Seymour speaking at the conference.
    11 At the fair.
    12 -
    13 -
    14 -
    15 June Li and Geoff Martin with the guys from Yuguan in the main conference hall.
    16 Junior Hanegraaf, the manager of the new Chinese Christiaens plant.
    17 Sponsors of the Chinese Mushroom Days raise their glasses at the start of ‘The Night of Button Mushrooms’, another highlight of this event. In the middle is Mark Wach of Sylvan.
    18 Singer at the Agaricus Night.
    19 -
    20 Sales manager Lucas Wong of Guoxin at the fair.
    21 Stand of Kmach Group.
    22 International guests at the Tongfa plant, during the company visit (report in MB81).
    23 Mr Yongping Yang, President of Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology, the premier mushroom producer in China. An interview with him by Roel Dreve can be found in MB80.
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