At BVB Euroveen, September 2007

  • The BVB group, of which BVB Euroveen is part, will celebrate its 100th jubilee in 2008. Casing soil for the mushroom industryhas been produced for fifty years. It is now exported all over the world, in various forms and types of packaging. The casing soil is supplied in bulk to the Dutch market and customers in some neighbouring countries. Casing soil is supplied in the Netherlands in big bags and crates on pallets. Bags of varying sizes are also supplied on pallets, and BVB also supplies domestic and foreign markets with casing soil in big bales, varying in volume from 2.0 m3 to even 4.75 m3 per pallet. For these large volumes the casing soil is compacted. In Mushroom Business nr. 25, theres an article on the use of big bales. Here, you can find a photo series (17) on the Grubbenvorst plant.

    1.Two semi manufactured casing soils comprise the composition the customer needs.
    2. Mixing line.
    3. Formaldehyde is added to the casing soil.
    4. Water is added.
    5. Loader at the mixing line.
    6. Hall with different types of casing soil.
    9. Big bale press in the packing hall.
    10. 50 litre bags are packed and sealed.
    12. Full automatic covering of bales with plastic.
    13. Big bales waiting for transport.
    14. Loading area.
    15. Loading 50 litre bags.
    17. Loading big bales for transport.
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