BDC/WSMBMP field trip Bonn 2008

  • From the 29th of September until the 3rd of October the “Sixth International Conference on Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products” took place in Bonn, Germany. With the help of the BDC (German Mushroom growers Association) the WSMBMP (World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products) organised a field trip on the 2nd of October to 3 Dutch and 1 German company. Here you can see a photo impression of that day. A full report on both the field trip and the conference will be published in the next edition of Mushroom Business.

    Lively discussions in the climate corridor.
    Marco Deckers, son of Hans, has built a beautiful modern mushroom farm. The 10 rooms are 1296 m2 growing surface each.
    Hans and Marco Deckers work with several suppliers.
    Chestnut mushrooms being processed on the packing line.
    Packing line at Rheinland Champignon, the Deckers' trading company.
    Pinning of chestnut mushrooms at Deckers farm.
    The filling of compost and casing soil is carefully watched by the visitors.
    CNC plays hide and seek at Deckers farm in Pont, Germany.
    Prime Champ tunnel company: Phase 3 compost is supplemented.
    Theo van der Sterren, Prime Champ, explains how the phase I compost is being processed.
    The restaurant is located at the grounds of Prime Champ.
    Lunch at the "Paddestoelerij" mushroom restaurant in Horst, Netherlands.
    Tunnel filling line at the oyster mushroom substrate company.
    Jan Koopmans from Substraatbedrijf Horst talks to the mainly German audience.
    Inside the workshop of Christiaens Machines.
    Mart Christiaens from the Christiaens Group explains how the climate computers are being built.
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