BDC Jahrestagung 2011

  • On the 30th of September and the 1st of October, the 63rd annual general meeting of the Bund Deutscher Champignon- und Kulturpilzanbauer (BDC) took place in Bensheim near Darmstadt, Germany. Main topics were organic growing, due to a visit to an organic mushroom farm, and spawn, because of the presence of 4 international spawn manufacturers.

    Franz Schmaus, chairman of the BDC, says thank you to the guys from Loecke organic mushroomfarm.
    The outside of the modern, Dutch style farm in Buettelborn-Klein-Gerau.
    Harvesting chestnut mushrooms at Loecke Champignons.
    The farm is very close to Frankfurt International Airport.
    The farm, with strict hygiene rules, made an exception to its non-visitor rules for this unique occasion.
    Loecke farm, visited by all the participants to the open BDC meeting on Saturday morning, specialises in organic chestnut mushrooms.
    Lively discussions during the festive banquet on Friday evening.
    The Sylvan delegates, with Harry Hesen (l) and Rick Carrighan.
    During breaks everybody could enjoy the superb Indian Summer in Germany.
    From left Jan Balthussen (Lambert), Hubert Hay (Amycel), Robert Janssen (Hollander) and Harry Hesen (Sylvan)
    The audience during the lectures at the BDC meeting.
    From left Michael Legrand and Silke Peters (lecturers), Franz Schmaus and Jochen Winkhoff (BDC)
    The meeting took place in the Alleehotel  Europa in Bensheim, Germany.
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