BDC Jahrestagung 2010 in Straelen

  • On the 1st and 2nd of October the charming German village of Straelen, near Venlo, hosted the 62nd annual general meeting of the BDC (Bund Deutscher Champignon- und Kulturpilzanbauer). On Friday the 1st there was a full program with technical and marketing lectures, and on the 2nd the participants were given the opportunity to visit the all new mushroom farm of Wankum Champignon. In the forthcoming edition of Mushroom Business we will pay extra attention to this farm, with an exclusive interview with two of the investors.

    From left: Franz Schmaus (BDC), Leo Backus (Wankum), Hans van de Heuvel (Wankum) and Jochen Winkhoff (BDC)
    Harry Hesen and Frans Brienen at Wankum Champignons.
    Hans van de Heuvel, grower at Wankum.
    It is a different farm alltogether.
    Easy picking.
    The participants of the BDC Jahrestagung were truly impressed with the farm.
    The farm has 12 beds next to each other per growing room.
    The unique Wankum Champignon, ready to host the BDC farm walk.
    Dancing is good after the extensive dinner banquet.
    Hotel Straelener Hof did well in serving the guests at the enjoyable evening.
    Lively discussions at the traditional dinner party.
    Emiel Lacet, Christiaens Group, discussed new developments in the industry.
    Peter Bouten is handed the traditional present for each lecturer by Franz Schmaus, chairman of the BDC.
    Peter Bouten, Limbraco, talked about the benefits of heating and cooling under the compost.
    From left: Dr. Andreas Hahn, Franz Schmaus and Dr. Inga Schneider. The two Doctors presented an outstanding lecture on the medical benefits of eating Oyster mushrooms.
    The HLP had been to Japan, and Groos highlighted the trip.
    Ulrich Groos, HLP, was one of the speakers because...
    Michael Legrand had done a lot of work on the mushroom promotion that the BDC decided on a year ago.
    The audience during the lectures.
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