All Ireland & UK Mushroom Conference and Trade Show 2013

  • On the 17th of October the All Ireland & UK Mushroom Conference and Trade Show took place in the Hillgrove Hotel in Monaghan, Republic of Ireland. It was a lively show, with a lot of interested growers from all over the Island and the rest of the United Kingdom. The trade show was alternated by lectures in the same hotel. On Friday the 18th there were a number of farm walks. Most of the guests decided to attend the farm walk at Eamon Murrays farm in Lurgan, Northern Ireland, because Annaghmore Mushrooms used the opportunity for a festive opening of their new packhouse.

    From left Jelena Milos, Eamon Murray (owners) and David Small (DARDNI)
    Jim McDonnell, Annaghmore Mushrooms, explains the benefits of an open box.
    All wrapped up!
    Michael Flanaghan (Custom Compost) and Eamon Murray.
    The deputy mayor of Craigavon, Colin McCusker, during his opening speech.
    The new packhouse of Annaghmore Mushrooms.
    Northway stand with David Dallas (Northway PO) and Adam Coulter.
    Quinn Packaging.
    Conversations at Harte Peat.
    Kieran Smyth, Amycel, talking to a customer.
    Colm Feely, Monaghan Mushrooms, during his lecture about harvesting management.
    Tommy Dillon, Dillon Design Engineering.
    The venue took place at the gorgeous Hillgrove Hotel.
    Monaghan town hosted the event.
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