All Ireland Mushroom Conference and Trade Show 2011

  • On the 20th of October the Irish city of Monaghan hosted the 2011 edition of the All Ireland Mushroom Conference and Trade Show. Friday the 21st was a day for farm visits to the new Monaghan Mushroom farm in Tyholland and the farm owned by Peader McGee in Emyvale.

    The inlet and storage for woodchips at McGee farm.
    Brendan Burns, Sylvan, explains the working of the woodchip boiler.
    Picking at Peader McGees farm.
    Modern filling at a modern farm, watched by the visitors of the All Ireland.
    Climate unit at Tyholland Mushrooms.
    James O Brien explains the process.
    All visitors must wear protective hygienic clothes.
    For reasons of disease prevention, the working corridor at the farm is left open.
    Tyholland mushroom farm is part of the Monaghan Mushroom group.
    The audience during the lectures.
    Brendan Burns explains how to save energy with a woodchip boiler.
    There was an extensive lecture program during the conference.
    The team of Breffni Mushrooms.
    At the trade show there was also space for researchers.
    Mushroom Business, always present.
    The Sylvan team, with Kate Ahern (l).
    McDon Peat, Irish casing soil supplier.
    10 years old and going strong.
    Solar power also works in Ireland.
    Kieran Smith of Amycel spawn (r).
    Dutch exhibitors can be found everywhere.
    Cropworks helps you make the right decisions for harvesting.
    CMP is another PO based in Monaghan, Republic of Ireland.
    Northway, a producer organisation based in Northern Ireland with members both sides of the border.
    The all Ireland Mushroom Conference and Trade Show wanted to Maintain the Momentum for the Irish industry.
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