Dutch National Mushroom Day 2008

  • An impression of the Dutch Mushroom Day, April 24, 2008.

    Anton Sonnenberg, PRI, lecturing on mushroom substrate.
    Mark den Ouden, Cpoint, is happy about the contest.
    Innvations for the Inner Life by Scelta Mushrooms
    The exterior of the new mushroom research facility at the Agricultural Unversity of Wageningen.
    A test in the new research facility in Wageningen.
    Interested audience during the lectures.
    The busy innovation tour.
    Mark den Ouden presents a nice bottle to the guest speakers.
    Jan Gielen, Cpoint, at the innovation tour.
    Johan Baars, PRI, and Jos Amsing, Cpoint.
    Johan Baars expects a lot of the new research facilities.
    A growers discussion between Frans Brienen and Bertus Baron
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