The 20th NAMC in Niagara Falls

  • The 20th North American Mushroom Conference was held in Niagara Falls, Canada from May 3-5, 2009. The event featured a lecture program of 13 speakers and a business expo with 28 stands (of which 9 were Dutch). The venue, the Sheraton hotel on the edge of the Horseshoe Falls, was world class. Here's a picture series on this event.

    The American Falls, seen from the Canadian side.
    Maid of the Mist tour, American Falls.
    Navigating the river up to the Horseshoe Falls. The conference hotel can be seen on the far left of the buildings.
    Wet and windy at the foot of the Horseshoe Falls.
    Jos Hilkens (AdVisie, left), Frans Brienen (CNC) and Hennie van den Einde (Walkro, one of the speakers) at the President's Reception, May 3rd.
    Participants enjoying the friendly atmosphere of the NAMC.
    Roland van Doremaele (Christiaens Group, left), Eric Vernooij (seen on back, Amycel/Champfood), and John Kidder (Amycel).
    Attentive audience during lectures.
    Arpad Mutsy, giving an overview of phase II and III technologies, Monday 4th.
    Peter Romaine of Penn State (USA) giving the 'Andrew O'Neil Memorial Lecture' on the chances for manufacturing biopharmaceuticals in mushrooms.
    The Polish delegation at the conference: Karol Kania (Karol Kania I synowie), Krystian Szudyga (SBGU) and Aneta Slawinska.
    John Kelly; linking agri-food innovation to health.
    Theo Haegens on 'Optimal results: It's all about timing.'
    Laura Phelps of the American Mushroom Institute.
    One speaker lecturing, one speaker checking messages.
    Reading Mushroom Business...
    Bill Stevens of Mushrooms Canada / Mushroom World talking to Mohammadreza Entesari of Sadafi company in Iran.
    Johan Hoving (Hoving Holland - left), Frank Wijnhoven (Geraedts Constructions), Jos Hilkens (AdVisie) and Paul Geraedts.
    Danny Rinker of Guelph University (left) was honoured at the conference for his outstanding contribution to the Candadion mushroom industry over 25 years. Rinker retired recently. He is standing beside a lucky winner of the lottery, and Bill Stevens.
    Henk Douven of Dofra (left) and Rob Maas of Funghi at the Gala dinner at Elements on the Falls.
    Niagara Falls view, as seen from a room at the 30th floor of the Sheraton Falls View hotel. Pretty neat!
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