17th ISMS: Congress & Trade Fair (photo series)

  • From 20 to 24 May 2008, Cape Town was the spectacular venue for the 17th ISMS Congress. The  programme was very varied, ranging from strategic fundamental research to applied and company oriented information. A number of themes dominated the proceedings; nutritional value, gene technology and crop protection. Here, you can find an impression (32 pictures) of the scientific programme.

    A report on the highlights of the congress can be found in Mushroom Business nr. 29.

    Chairman Greg on stage during the last seconds of the 17th ISMS Congress.
    The Chinese delegation wants to arrest Greg Seymour on stage (?)
    Introduction to the next ISMS Congress, in Beijng 2012.
    Greg Seymour closes the 17th ISMS.
    Fancom and Nutrigain booths at the fair.
    Mycelia / SACO2 stand at the trade fair. An article on Mycelia can be found in Mushroom Business nr. 29.
    Batforum people in their booth at the trade exhibition. Batforum was the only Polish company at the fair.
    More trade floor. It seems the Cape Town International Convention Centre is booked fully untill 2013. No wonder, it's a neat venue.
    Trade floor.
    Trade floor.
    Mr. Liangcheng Chen ('I'm a represantitive of the Sylvan empire!') quoted Mushroom Business magazine a few times during his keynote lecture on the Chinese Mushroom Industry.
    Jan Gielen (Cpoint) speaks on Energy Saving during the Growers Program.
    Frank Brienen (CNC) (l), Greg Seymour (AMGA, ISMS) and Luc Goedhart of ZLTO.
    Chinese delegation during a break.
    Participants enjoying coffee in between lectures.
    The stage lighting made eye contact with the audience difficult.
    Prof. Han W
    Ross Richardson welcomes everyone to the Congress.
    Come on down Greg Seymour!
    Ross Richardson, SAMFA Chairman, with the SA flag at the Opening.
    ..and more dance.
    Dancers perform at the Opening of 17th ISMS.
    Participants join in.
    Harvesting a rhytm.
    Banging away at your own djembe.
    Entertainment at the Opening of 17th ISMS.
    Djembes at the Auditorium 2, waiting for participants before the Opening of the 17th ISMS.
    At the registration desk.
    Registration for the 17th ISMS, Wednesday 21 May.
    Entrance to the trade exhibition at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC).
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