Mushroom composting and growing-master class

  • Today’s world of mushrooms is a fast-paced, high technology industry, that requires a constant stream of new inputs. One of the problems for growers is that this new input is sometimes hard to achieve, where do you look for it? By following a professional training, by professionals, you can bring your own growing to the next level. Both Mark den Ouden and John Peeters have spent a lifetime in between mushrooms, and both guys are working as consultants and trainers in various parts of the world as we speak. They shared several years together at C point, and have taught mushroom growing before, guaranteeing a perfect interaction between the two of them and the participants of the training.  It will be held for a maximum of 18 people. In this way it is possible to create a lot of interaction and discussions between the participants and/or the trainers. The location for the training is the Horst area, in the Netherlands. The everyday practice of the participants will be the foundation for the theory within the course; companies will be visited as well, like composting plants, growing farms, and others.

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    Mushroom Office, Horst area, The Netherlands
    10/21/2019 to 10/26/2019

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