First Forum, Symposium and Gastronomic Fair

  • Medicinal, functional and edible mushrooms are a traditional food of microbial origin widely consumed in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times. At present, they represent the most important microbial biotechnology in the country producing food for direct human consumption.

    Main objectives of the meeting are:

    • To exchange traditional knowledge and experiences among members of the Mexican microbial agri-food chain of medicinal, functional and edible mushrooms.
    • To develop strategies for improving native genetic resources and to promote endogenous development of the value chain.
    • To show scientific evidences of functional and medicinal properties from edible mushrooms, and their impact on human health.
    • To recognize the contribution of medicinal, functional and edible mushrooms to the Mexican cuisine, as well as their great benefits for a healthy diet and and eating habits.
    • To recover the traditional culture on mushrooms, and to promote their production and consumption across the country.

    For more information please visit or contact Prof. Dr. Daniel Martínez-Carrera at

    Campus Puebla from UPAEP, Barrio de Santiago, Puebla 72410, Puebla, Mexico
    11/28/2019 to 11/29/2019

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