Program Chinese Mushroom Days

  • Nov 07, 2016

    From November 15-17, the 10th Chinese Mushroom Days will be organised in the Wanda Realm Hotel in Zhangzhou. On November 14th, there will be an Agaricus Workshop for Chinese growers. The full programme of the event is listed below. Besides the conference, the Zhangzhou event features a big trade fair in and outside the hotel, with a record amount of participants.

    November 14, 2016 (Monday).

    9:00-17:00. Registration for visitors and exhibitors at the lobby.

    9:00-17:00. Workshop organized by Lambert Spawn.

    1. Welcome and introduction by Christine Smith, VP Lambert Spawn and Secretary ISMS.

    2. Composting - Phase I, II and III by Geoff Martin, GM of Mushroom Composters, Director and Chairman of R&D Committee, AMGA.

    3. Disease and Management by Christine Smith.

    4. Supplements, usage and impact on crop by Eric Vernooij, ChampFood and Lambert Spawn Europa.

    5. Peat – Selection, management and impact on pinning – Export Manager of BVB Substrates.

    6. Impact of design and control on composting systems, phase I-III – Sales Manager, Dalsem Mushroom Projects. The presentation will be supplemented with the expertise of Rene Teuben from Hoving.

    18:30-20:30. Welcome banquet at the ballroom on the 3rd Floor of Wanda Realm.


    November 15, 2016 (Tuesday) Simultaneous Interpretation is available.

    8:30-9:30. Opening Ceremony.

    10:00-11:00. Keynote speech by Prof. Yu Li.

    11:00-12:00. Keynote speech by Mr. Greg Seymour.

    13:30-18:00. White button mushroom growing session.

    1. Growing on phase III: Critical points and current methods by John Peeters.

    2. Using CI for pinning by Chris Alonzo, the president of Pietro Industries, Inc.

    3. The Innovation on mushroom supplement by Bart de Leeuw of MC Substradd.

    4. Design and construction of modern Agaricus mushroom farms by Zhousheng Wang.

    5. The views on the Agaricus mushroom industry in China by Chunbao Wang.

    6. Climate aspects of button mushroom growing by Jan Gielen of Delphy bv.

    7. Advanced technologies of spawn manufacture and usage in North America by Dr. Chris Smith.

    8. Raw Ingredients, phase I and II - A compost maker’s microbiological powerhouse.

    19:00-21:00 BBQ party ‘White Button Mushroom Night’.


    November 16, 2016 (Wednesday)

    8:00-12:00. One Belt and One Road Initiative session.

    1. Exotic mushroom varieties in the USA - Current marketing trends, import requirements and compliance with Food Safety Initiative for Fresh Product by Dr. Chris Smith.

    2. Mushroom consumption in Japan by Mr. Kazuhisa Takahashi, CEO of WAQ Trading Co., Ltd.

    3. Middle and East Europe: the express way to the European market by Jiang Lin CEO of Spora Co., Ltd.

    4. Mushroom market updates in Russia by Alexander Khrenov.

    5. Industrial production of mushroom in Russia by Mr. Alexander Shirokikh.

    13:30-18:00. Mushroom Spawn session.

    1. Mushroom strain conservation and maintenance by Mr.Eiichi Kimura.

    2. The protection of intellectual property of mushroom breeding by Wenhong Zhang.

    3. Discussion.


    November 17, 2016 (Thursday)

    8:00-12:00. Updates and trends of mushroom cultivation within bag systems session.

    13:30-18:00. Exotic mushroom growing session.

    1. Critical points of cultivation of Shimeji mushroom by Yiqiang Rao

    2. The cultivation of Shimeji in Japan by Mr. Shigihara Takashi.

    3. Domestication and cultivation of Black Boletus by Kaiping Ji.

    4. The updates on cultivation of morel mushroom by Fanghe Tan.

    5. The cultivation of a ‘white’ variety of Auricularia auricular by Xiao Li.


    Mushroom Business will be present at the anniversary of the 10th Chinese Mushroom Days and report from the event.

    Photo: A stand on last year’s trade fair in Zhangzhou.

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