• 01 Traditional dance at the Welcome Banquet of the Chinese Mushroom Days 2016.


      From 15 to 18 November, the tenth successive edition of the Chinese Mushroom Days was held in the Wanda Realm hotel in Zhangzhou, Fujian.

    • 1. At the Registration desk, some of the many volunteers that make the Days happen. Douglas Zhao of the organisation stands to the right.

      Chinese Mushroom Days - November 2015

      The 9th edition of the Chinese Mushrooms Days was organised from 14 to 17 November 2015 in the Wanda Realm hotel in Zhangzhou, Fujian. Bigger and with a more international signature than ever before.

    • Portrait of John Donoghue

      Magda Verfaillie of Mycelia, Belgium, visited John Donoghue in the margin of the Third IMMC in Washington.

    • Paul Stamets talking about maintaining cultures in the Fungi Perfecti laboratory.

      At Fungi Perfecti Headquarters

      In the margin of the Third International Medicinal Mushroom Conference in Washington, Magda Verfaillie of Mycelia, Belgium, was given the opportunity to visit Paul Stamets’ company annex new house in a small group.

    • Michael Commodari of Phillips Mushroom Farms with our magazine at the PMA Fresh Summit, October 2007.

      Mushroom Business around the world

      The editors and sales people of our magazine have a strong expanding network in the industry and visit international conferences, events and companies as much as possible.

    • Song and Dance at the Farewell Party.

      Eighth international WSMBMP Conference in Delhi

      The eighth conference of the World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products was held in New Delhi, India from 19 to 22 November 2014. As it is now winter in India, the climate was pleasant, with relatively cool nights.

    • HLP visit to Lower Saxony

      On the 5th of November the Hessische Landesfachgruppe Pilzanbau (HLP) in Germany has organised a so called Pilztag (Mushroom Day) in Helvesiek, Lower Saxony, Germany. The companies that were visited were Biomytec GmbH, where substrate is manufactu

    • The new compost factory is officially open!

      Opening Walkro new Phase I

      On November 15th, Walkro Belgium celebrated a grand opening of their new Phase I composting facility. In the daytime neighbours could take a look, and they might have been interested in the new odour reducing facilities.

    • Pieczarkalia 2014

      Hoping for better weather conditions, the organizers of the Pieczarkalia fair moved this most important event of the Polish mushroom industry from early autumn to the beginning of summer.

    • The large, blue machine handles two beds simultaneously and does not operate any slower than a conventional emptying system. It does require two separate collection containers however, which are filled individually by two belts.

      DNP 2014

      On 16 May 2014, the modern Sikes mechanical harvesting mushroom farm in Ysselsteyn, the Netherlands, hosted the fifth edition of the Dutch National Mushroom Day. Several hundred Dutch and a few Belgian visitors registered to attend.

    • The stunning new pavilion with the TopTerra casing soil train in the foreground.

      Opening mushroom pavilion De Locht

      On Friday 13 June, the new mushroom pavilion at agricultural museum De Locht in Melderslo, The Netherlands, was officially opened, the kick-off to an ‘open house’ weekend.

    • The group of (mainly Dutch) guests raise their glasses before lunch. The day after, guests from other European countries visited the plant.

      Extension Amycel France

      Amycel France held an Open Day for relations from the Dutch mushroom industry in Vendôme on 19 June, just before production would start in the new extension of the French spawn plant.

    • Snacking at the Hajduk stand from Poland.

      Fruit Logistica 2014

      Fruit Logistica 2014, organised from 5 to 7 February in the Berlin Messe exhibition complex, was once again the ‘place to be’ to catch up on the innovative ideas presented by the fruit and vegetable industry.  The majority of these innovations are

    • Sylvan Vice President and director of research Mark Wach spoke on supplements and new biopesticides for the mushroom industry.

      Chinese Mushroom Days 2013

      The 7th edition of the Chinese Mushroom Days took place from 19 to 22 November in the Wanda Realm Hotel in Zhangzhou. A striking amount of attention was devoted to the emergent Agaricus growing sector in China.

    • From left Jelena Milos, Eamon Murray (owners) and David Small (DARDNI)

      All Ireland & UK Mushroom Conference and Trade Show 2013

      On the 17th of October the All Ireland & UK Mushroom Conference and Trade Show took place in the Hillgrove Hotel in Monaghan, Republic of Ireland.

    • Torfan casing soil.

      Pieczarkalia 2013

      On September 26 and 27 Pieczarkalia 2013 was organised in Siedlce. Like last year, the event took place in an open ice rink in the center of town.

    • Cooled fase III compost blocks in the cooled truck, ready to be shipped.

      Vacuum cooled compost

      Shasta B.V. is located in Venray, The Netherlands. The company, owned by Teun Kampen (Champ Fungi), cools back Agaricus compost through vacuum cooling, making them ready for container transport by sea over long distances without loss of quality.

    • A lot of participating companies organise farm visits and/or social evenings for their customers and relations. Here, team Topterra takes the bus downtown.

      Mushroom Days 2013 (3)

      Last of the photo series on the Dutch Mushroom Days.

    • Chairman Piet Lempens of the Dutch Mushroom Days organisation, opens the fair on Wednesday 29 May.

      Mushroom Days 2013 (2)

      More pictures of the 33rd edition of the Dutch Mushroom Days in Den Bosch.

    • Five ‘o clock: time for bubbles and the opening ceremony.

      Mushroom Days 2013 (1)

      The Brabanthallen in ‘s-Hertogenbosch were the venue again for the 33rd edition of the Mushroom Days. Theme of this year’s trade show: ‘Mushrooms, a healthy business’. Herewith a couple of photos from the opening day.

    • At the truffière of Jaime Royo Pascual.

      Truffle congress Teruel

      Teruel in northern Spain was the perfect venue for the ‘1st International Congress of Truficulture’.

    • A bucket with goodies of Mushroom Day sponsors for everyone.

      Dutch National Mushroom Day

      The fourth National Mushroom Day in the Netherlands took place at ’t Voske mushroom farm in Uden on 22 November. A report of this event can be found in Mushroom Business nr 56, Paddestoelen 6 and  Wydanie Polskie 24 (December 2012).

    • De Open Dag op zondag 11 november trok erg veel bezoekers. Meer informatie op

      Opening Het Paddenstoelenhuis

      Op 9 november 2012 werd Het Paddenstoelenhuis in Berghem officieel geopend. Hier kunnen bezoekers terecht voor een kennismaking met de kwekerij van René en Marja van de Vorle, een proeverij, kookarrangementen of een gezellige familiedag.

    • Iodex champignon.

      Pieczarkalia in Siedlce

      The most important event of the Polish Mushroom industry, was held for two days in Siedlce, eastern Poland, starting on 20th September. It offered a good trade fair, lectures, discussion and.. soccer.

    • The Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium at dusk on the last day of the conference.

      ISMS 2012 (4): Trade Fair & Closing Ceremony

      The trade fair at the BICC was a big success.

    • On the road that devides the Tongzhou Edible Mushroom Demonstration Park, and the Mushroom Culture Center, where a mushroom market was organized for the ISMS visitors.

      ISMS 2012 (3): Company Visits 2

      In the afternoon of the 29th, participants could visit the mushroom market in Yongledian Town and the Mushroom Culture Center at the same spot. After lunch, Beijing Fuqin Edible Mushroom Science & Technology Co.

    • At night, the big convention hall of the BICC was transformed for evening diner.

      ISMS 2012 (1): Congress

      In August 2012, the 18th Congress of the ISMS was held in Beijing. We have four photo series for you.

    • “Develop Mushroom Industry To Increase Farmer’s Income”. We can all agree on that!!

      ISMS 2012 (2): Company Visits 1

      On August 29th, mushroom farm and factory visits were organized.

    • Mushroom recycling!

      Floriade 2012

      In Holland the world horticultural expo Floriade is taking place all summer long. Mushrooms are just a minor showcase item in Venlo, but if you look good, you will find them. Alongside the most colorful show on earth!

    • The symposium was very well attended.

      Thanks and houdoe!

      On 27 February at Floriade 2012 in Venlo, The Netherlands, Frans Brienen said farewell as chairman of C4C and Funghi. A symposium entitled “The unlimited possibilities of mushrooms” was organized in his honor and prior to his farewell reception.


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